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Country Iron’s Demun Jones

If you are looking for an impressive XL Bully stud, look no further than Country Iron Kennels’ CIK’s Demun Jones. This massive, muscular, and clean son of Big Baller Kennel’s Chocolate Caramello and Country Iron’s Maggie is a true standout in the breeding world. At 23″ tall and 125 lbs., he is a force to be reckoned with.


Demun’s pedigree is truly impressive, with some of the most well-known and respected XL Bully bloodlines in the industry. His sire, Chocolate Caramello, is a direct son of Big Baller’s Bishop, one of the most famous XL Bully studs of all time. Demun’s dam, Maggie, is a daughter of Country Iron’s own Shockerline’s Silus, another well-respected stud and the son of the legendary XL Bully, (ICK) Iron Cross’ Osiris. With such a strong lineage behind him, it’s no wonder that Demun has become such a sought-after stud himself.

But it’s not just his pedigree that sets Demun apart. He also has an exceptional temperament, which is a testament to the careful breeding and socialization that he received from Country Iron Kennels. He is friendly, outgoing, and loves to be around people, making him a joy to work with for breeders and handlers alike.

Physical Attributes

Of course, one of the most impressive things about Demun is his physical appearance. He is a massive XL American Bully with incredible muscle definition and a clean, symmetrical build. His head is massive but not overly wrinkled, with a broad, powerful jawline. He has a thick, muscular neck that flows into a broad chest and deep, wide shoulders. His legs are thick and muscular, with well-defined joints and strong, sturdy paws.

Despite his size, Demun is incredibly agile and quick on his feet, which makes him a great candidate for athletic activities like weight-pulling and agility training. He has a stunning coat that is thick, shiny, and healthy, with a chocolate color that is sure to catch your eye.

All in all, Demun is the complete package when it comes to physical attributes, making him an ideal choice for breeders who are looking to produce XL Bully puppies with exceptional conformation and muscle tone.


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